Your life is too short to be unhappy

Fall in love with you all over again. Be the love of your life and find the key to your happiness.
You carry everything you need to be HAPPY within YOURSELF.

You are not unhappy. But not really happy either? Everyday life is going very well. But there is no place for your dreams and wishes? You want more lightness, fun and serenity? Then set out on the journey to yourself - my book "BE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE" is a description of the route. With many concrete exercises and examples, I show in eight steps how you can take responsibility for your life again, learn to trust your intuition and come into your full bloom, because you can lead the life you want to lead. You can live fulfilling relationships without having to exchange your partner, family or friends. It is possible if you give yourself permission to be really happy.
Show the world who you really are. Because the world needs you!

Be the love of your life:
step by step to yourself
Price (DE): 14,95 €
ISBN: 979-8763407549